COB-Recessed Downlights

A Chip On Board LED Downlight consists of a solitary LED chip, mounted on the downlight, compared to an array of LED resembles a SMD. As the single group of LED’s are mounted in one point, they require greater cooling, so a larger heat sink, usually made of aluminum, should be mounted to dissipate the heat. As more material is expected to manufacture a COB LED heat sink, this usually increases the expense slightly. COB downlights give a superior light source. It achieves a more shone light and with the utilization of reflectors, the light beam can be controlled. Chrome reflectors encompassing the diode can be replaced and set at different angles to make the light beam narrower or more extensive. Because of the narrow beam and with the utilization of reflectors that are usually clear, COB lights generate crisper and cleaner as there is no icing on the focal points. what chops down the clarity of the LED light. Because of the clear focal points, all the more light can penetrate further which means they perform well in rooms with high ceilings.