Track Lights

Track lighting due for its own retro revival, helped by the popularity of industrial insides and a DIY effortlessness that never becomes dated? Or on the other hand is it best left in the attic of ’80s history with VHS tapes and parachute pants? One thing helping its out: The DIY convenience of track lighting can’t be denied. By allowing you to transform one electrical box into several light fixtures — situated and pointed any place you want them — track lighting is essentially the additional line or plug extension of inside illumination. A track lighting pack allows you anchor everything into a solitary electrical box, from which flow runs along an outside track or rail. You can associate additional lamp heads in any configuration you want. That makes track lighting an easy way to light up a space or add a great deal of lights without opening up walls or overhauling anything — handy for beginner DIYers or leaseholders.